Fertility Awareness

THE MENSTRUAL CYCLE IS A BAROMETER OF OUR OVERALL HEALTH AND WELLBEING. It can indicate our hormonal balance, stress levels, food sensitivities, auto-immune function, nutrient absorption, and fertility (just to name a few assessments). However, many of us were not taught the language of our bodies in this way. In fact, we were likely taught that our menstrual cycles were something to hide, and the pain or discomfort we experience "just comes with the territory" of the female landscape. 

But what if I told you that YOU AREN'T FERTILE EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH? That your body is telling you very important information every-single-day of your cycle (not just which days you bleed)? What if I told you that you could increase your reproductive autonomy and likelihood of avoiding or achieving pregnancy with three consistent, daily actions without having to use synthetic hormones? Meet the Fertility Awareness Method!

The FERTILITY AWARENESS METHOD (FAM) is a broad term used to describe a sympto-thermal approach to natural birth control. The sympto-thermal method is an evidence-based approach that combines the sensations and interpretations (symptoms) of cervical position and the characteristics of cervical fluids throughout the day, alongside your waking basal body temperature (thermal). These data points are collected and combined onto a chart that maps out your fertility cycle from day to day and month to month. When used


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consistently and correctly, the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness is 99.4% effective against unintended pregnancy. The method has no unwelcome side-effects and can be reversed immediately to achieve pregnancy if or when the timing is aligned for you. 


WANT TO LEARN HOW TO UTILIZE A NATURAL BIRTH CONTROL METHOD, INCREASE YOUR OWN BODY LITERACY, AND PRACTICE REPRODUCTIVE AUTONOMY? Let's work together for a little over a season to give you the information, support and guidance you need to confidently interpret your cycles, access holistic wellness modalities to achieve your health goals, and practice an effective method of birth control.


Once you've learned the method, you will be able to utilize this life skill throughout your reproductive lifespan for whatever your intentions might be (achieving pregnancy, avoiding pregnancy, and/or monitoring your health). Most people are able to confidently use the method after working with an instructor for 3 full cycles. If you experience abnormal reproductive health symptoms, we may want to work together for a longer period of time.


ALREADY CHART YOUR CYCLE WITH A FERTILITY AWARENESS METHOD? Let's book an individual session to answer lingering questions, interpret your charts, and enhance your understanding of your unique cycles so that you can move forward confidently using the method.

Click HERE to book your session or CONTACT ME with questions so that we can determine what path might be best for you!