Herbal Philosophy

Being in balance is a constant movement - an ebb and flow. It is listening to the most subtle changes and actively engaging in the process. Although seemingly stable, plants are constantly moving, growing, changing direction and transforming the energy of the sun into essential nutrients and vital elements of their structure. When we take the time to sit with, witness and work with plants throughout their life cycles, their gifts and innate wisdom are shared.


Working with plant medicine is vastly more complex than identifying key components, nutrients and phytochemicals. While much of today's pharmaceutical medicine has its origins in the properties found in plants, these properties are extracted and removed from the plant as a whole. By using the plant in its entirety, we allow the natural combinations of phytochemicals to work intrinsically in a more gentle (and sometimes thorough) way throughout the body's systems. Plants hold an ancient wisdom even science cannot explain.

When we extract an element from a plant and consume it on its own as medicine, it acts differently within our body than when we consume that same element from the plant as a whole, with its many constituents and innate knowledge. By utilizing whole plants - in a similar way that eating whole foods is more nourishing to our bodies than processed foods - we are giving ourselves an opportunity to nourish, grow and function in a more optimal way. Integrating the nutrients and beneficial properties of plant medicine helps balance our bodies and guides us toward a more holistic lifestyle.

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While the use of plant medicine can be much more gentle than over-the-counter drugs or pharmaceuticals (as well as produce far fewer, if any, unwanted side effects), it must be done in a conscious way with the initial support of an experienced herbalist. Exploring our health history through a holistic lens offers us insight into the cause or origin of our body's imbalances. Just as we are all unique individuals, a plant that works for one person may not in another. Depending on the root issue(s), bringing ourselves back into a place of balance may take time, patience and commitment. It is my honor to work with, and walk with, individuals as they discover their own healing process - and having the opportunity to share the gifts of plant medicine is such a humbling and incredible joy. I believe that plant medicine is the people's medicine and want to offer remedies that are accessible. Many of the herbs I use can be found in our natural habitats - our back yards, gardens, kitchen cabinets, fields across the street and along forest trails in our communities. I intentionally make products that are safe for adults and children alike.

The products I create for Sacred Seedlings often consist of tonics - herbs that can be used over an extended period of time to restore, tone and invigorate a system in the body. This means that they are gentle and are not often contraindicated while taking other medicines. However, I strongly suggest discussing the use of herbs with your family practitioner before introducing herbal medicine into your daily regiment.

Slowly integrating plant medicine into your daily life can help restore, balance and strengthen your body's ability to cope with life's stressors (both emotional and physical). Additionally, using herbal remedies for common ailments can help reduce the number of toxins, harsh chemicals or unintentional side effects that may be introduced into our bodies when using over-the-counter or pharmaceutical medicines.


We live in an ever-complex world and society. While there are gifts in these intricate expressions, sometimes what we really need is to get back to the basics. Plant medicine - whether it's going for a long walk in the woods, drinking nourishing teas each day, or growing and learning from an herbal ally throughout the seasons - is a way of getting us back to ourselves.


It is one of this life's greatest gifts!