Local Resources

Below is a list of healthcare practitioners and community resources in the Ithaca, NY area. As a doula, I refer my clients to local practitioners that I know and can trust. Each wellness technique and practitioner is unique, so I encourage you to find a support system that feels best to you.


Dana Carruth

Coleen Foley
Sadie Hayes
Stacy Snyder

Childbirth Education
Holistic Childbirth - Kate Dimpfl
Jess Evett

Chiropractic Care
Jaclyn Maher: Inspired Health of Ithaca
Abby Persoleo: Ithaca Prenatal Chiropractic
Claire Peterson: Sea Change Family Chiropractic
Meghan VanLoon: Natural Health Family Chiropractic

Community Support
Ithaca Doula Collective
Ithaca Free Clinic
Jillian's Drawers Event Calendar
Mama's Comfort Camp

Ithaca Families Gift Economy



Ellen Peterson

Marnie Waxman

Stephanie Zuber

Functional Medicine & Holistic Women's Health

Ally Burch, NP

Paula Fitzsimmons, PA

Home Birth/Birth Center Midwives

Lisa Benedetto: Indian Creek Birth Center

Deb Bissonette: September Hill Midwifery

Monica Daniels: Gently Borne Midwifery

April Ward: September Hill Midwifery

Lactation Support
Lactation Lounge @ Jillian's Drawers

La Leche League - Ithaca
Rebecca Costello

Shanna Jesch
Summer Killian
Jeanette McCulloch

Evie Bellinger (Prenatal Massage)
Ilana Berman (Prenatal Massage)

Kate Dimpfl (Prenatal + Maya Abdominal Massage)

Diane Farnham (Craniosacral Therapy)

Sondra Hartmann (Maya Abdominal Massage)

Arjan Makar (Prenatal + Maya Abdominal Massage)

Midwives & Obstetricians (hospital-based)
Cayuga Women's Health
OBGYN Associates of Ithaca


Natural Health Family Chiropractic
Nutritional Wellness Center
Well-Being Healing Center



Dr. Deanna Berman

Dr. Amanda Fey

Physical Therapy

Claire Agrawal

Trumble Physical Therapy

Sexual Medicine

Lori Davis, DNP

VBAC and Cesarean Support
International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)

Ithaca Doula Collective

Yoga + Fitness

BirthFit Ithaca
Diane Fine

Mariellen Brown