In-Home Postpartum Support (4 hours)

Postpartum support may include:


  • Caring for baby while you care for yourself (sleep, eat, shower, go for a walk, etc.)

  • Answering questions and offering evidence-based information regarding newborn care, postpartum healing, safe sleep strategies, navigating changes to family dynamics (including older children), bathing, baby-wearing, etc.

  • Identifying when additional support may be warranted and referring out to trusted practitioners within our community

  • Supporting the chosen feeding process, including breastfeeding, exclusive pumping, formula, and/or bottle feeding

  • Light housework, including dishes, laundry, and organization projects

  • Food preparation, including grocery shopping and cooking (according to your own recipes provided or those I suggest)

  • Holding space for you to process your experience of birth, new parenthood, and the realities of caring for a new human in a non-judgmental and confidential way


* Overnight care (10pm-6am) is charged at $30/hr

In-Home Postpartum Support (4 hours)

  • You can access the Postpartum Support contract here (password: Ithaca)


    Download and save the file as a PDF. You should then be able to complete the form, save it as a new document, and send it along to me.


    Please email me with any questions!